Wound Care Week 2

Good morning,

As you will see the area around the booth is in disarray. Bare with us, the end result will be worth it.

Our wounds can either define us refine us.

Main passage: Ruth 1:8-21

  1. Wounds can block healthy relationships
    Ruth 1:8-16,19-20, Psa 107:20

Hey Sigmund article: Stopping old wounds from stealing relationships

There are a few ways to tell that an old wound is at play:

The conflict is constant, and always feels the same.
Your emotional reaction to something within the relationship is intense and out of proportion to whatever seemed to cause it.
Your reaction is difficult to shift.

  1. Wounds can make us bitter
    Ruth 1:13,20b, Eph 4:31
  2. Wounds cause us to blame
    Ruth 1:13b, 20b-21, Gen 3:12-13, Num 21:5

Closing: Ruth 4:13-17