Go and Make Week 1

Title: “ All In “


Disciple in the Greek= Mathaytes: means a learner, pupil, disciple- one who follows ones teaching

Opening verses: Matt 28:19-20, Luke 6:40

We will be looking at some defining marks of a disciple of Jesus Christ.

1. Character: John 13:33-34, 1 Cor 15:33
2. Conviction: John 14:15-16, Matt 7:13-14
3. Commitment: Luke 14:25-27,33, Gal 6:9
4. Contributes: John 15:8, Luke 10:2

Closing: (If you can show these one at a time. show the believer line first than add the disciple line 2nd and so on. also you don’t have to include the numbers I only put them so that we do miss any)

1. Believer: believes in God
    Disciple: lives for God
2. Believer: fits in the world
    Disciple: stands out
3. Believer: gives up when things get hard
    Disciple: carries their cross daily
4. Believer: picks and chooses what part of Jesus teachings to follow
    Disciple: works on all areas with the help of the Holy Spirit
5. Believer: casual faith
    Disciple: committed faith
6. Believer: wants an easy life
    Disciple: lays down their life
7. Believer: loves to receive
    Disciple: loves to serve
8. Believer: comfortable
    Disciple: ready for a challenge
9. Believer: believes faith is personal
    Disciple: makes more disciples
10. Believer: knows what God wants them to do but holds back
      Disciple: IS ALL IN!