Five Fold Week 3

Title: Euangelion

Yes you are seeing right, the title is a look back on last month’s series.

*below you will see the attachment to display at the end as we have been doing the last two weeks.

Main Passages: Acts 8:4-13, 26-32

The book of Acts is full of examples of evangelism, today we will take a look at 5 evangelistic attributes demonstrated by Phillip.

I. Captivating
Acts 8:6, Acts 2:14

II. Agent of Joy
Acts 8:8, Rom 14:17

III. Influential
Acts 8:9-11, Acts 2:37, Acts 6:8-10

IV. Looks for divine appointments
Acts 8:26-29, Acts 4:4-9

V. Walks through open doors
Acts 8:30-32, Acts 7:1-2