Tough Talks Week 3

Title: Doubtin’ Thomas 
Christian author Philip Yancey stated “doubt is something almost every person experiences at some point, yet something that the church does not always handle well. I am an advocate of doubt, because that’s why I became a Christian in the first place.”

Main passage: John 20:24-29

Here are 4 lessons we can learn from Jesus when we experience a “tough talk” with a person who has doubts about Christianity. 

1. Create a Place for doubters/unbelievers John 20:24-26
2. Bring Peace to anxious mindsJohn 20:26b, john 14:27, Matt 5:9
3. Power of Personal touch John 20:27
4. Point of decision “we cannot doubt something without simultaneously trusting in something else. Eve began to doubt God—more importantly her relationship with God—at the same moment she began to trust the serpent.”John 20:27b, 29, Heb 11:1,6