Kingdoms and Politics Week 4

This weeks sermon starts with a special mission report by Anita Charleston, before the message from Pastor Josh

Title: Choose
Main passage: 2 Chron 19:1-7
4 questions to ask of your candidates that will help you choose wisely at the polls. 
I. Do they stand for what God hates?2 Chron 19:2, Prov 6:16-19
II. Is there a record of removing things God hates?2 Chron 19:3a, 1 Kings 15:11-13

III. Which one would be more likely to seek God?2 Chron 19:3b, Psa 33:12
IV. Who would choose leaders concerned with justice?2 Chron 19:5-7, Psa 94:20-21
Conclusion: Phil 3:20-21.