Becoming Teachable Week 4

Title: You’re not the boss of me!

There is something inside us that doesn’t like being told what to do and wants to rebel against authority. How does this effect our level of teachability? 

Quiz (scale of 1-5)

1. When someone tells me I did something wrong, I feel the need to defend myself relentlessly.

2. I’ve had a problem with substance abuse

3. My friends tell me I have very bad road rage

4. The term ‘constructive criticism’ makes no sense to me. 

5. I microwave popcorn for lunch at work on purpose, just so it will stink up the kitchen for everyone else who has to use it.

6. I desperately need to win every argument – whether it’s with my spouse or my boss.

7. I’m no stranger to a bar brawl; those jerks were asking for trouble.

8. It doesn’t take much to make me angry. Small things can set me off.

9. I’ve been sanctioned by human resources for violating company policies.

10. When someone double-crosses me, revenge is the only answer.

11. I feel like no one likes me. 

12. Office rules are unfair and oppressive

13. My spouse and I argue

14. I’ve been cited for disorderly conduct by the police

15. I can’t stand authority figures. Fight the power!

16. Anger is the emotion I identify with most.

17. I’ve been fired before for being physically and/or verbally aggressive with coworkers.

18. I leave my socks on the floor on purpose, just because I know it gets under my roommate’s or family members’ skin.

Today we will take a brief look at 3 main authority structures 

1. Civil: Rom 13:1-2, Col 3:22-23Practice: “All” authority comes from God, respect the position. 
2. Home: Col 3:18-21 Practice: Love & Respect in the home always. 
3. Church: Heb 13:17-18, 1 Peter 5:5-6Practice: Humility and teachability when receiving instruction/council. 
Closing The Trinity demonstrates an authority structure:God: Gen 1:1Jesus: John 5:19 Holy Spirit: John 14:26