Kingdom and Politics Week 1

Title: King Me 
Let’s take a look at three important roles a “king” plays. 
Main passage: 1 Sam 8:4-8, 17-22

I. A king that provides1 Sam 8:19-20a (that we also may be like all the nations…), Psa 23:1-2

II. A king that presides1 Sam 8:20b (and that our king may judge us..), psa 23:3,6

III. A king that protects 1 Sam 8:20c (and go out before us & fight our battles), Psa 23:4-5

Awakening Week 4

3 travel tips on the road to discovering Jesus

Main passage Luke 24:28-35

I. Desire to have Jesus stay
Luke 24:29, John 6:67-68
II. Invite Christ in
Luke 24:29-30, John 1:12
III. Break bread with Jesus
Luke 24:30, Rev 3:20

Awakening Week 2

Title: Uncomfortable Yet

Jacob on the Patriarchs was taken way out of his comfort zone which ultimately led to an important spiritual awakening.

Main passage: Gen 28:10-21
I. Awakening often occur when you are sleep
Gen 28:12-13a, 16-17, Num 12:6, Joel 2:28
II. Awakenings start with one
Gen 28:13b-15, Isa 51:2
III. Awakenings inspire commitment
Gen 28:18-22, Exod 3:1-17, Acts 9:1-6
Conclusion: Gen 32:24-31

Awakening Week 1

Title: Finish Line

We will take a look at 3 training tips that will ensure that we stay in the race.

Main passage: Heb 12:1-3
I. Fling it off
Heb 12:1, 1 Peter 5:7, Col 3:5-6
II. Fix your eyes
Heb 12:2, Psa 121:1
III. Fight the fatigue
Heb 12:3, Isa 40:28-31

We watch this video during the 3rd point, you can stop the video at 3:45 

Farmer’s Heart Week 4

Title: Son’s Out

Main passage: John 9:4
Jesus lays out 3 important kingdom “work“ principles for us in this one powerful verse.

I. Partnership is required
John 15:4-5, Phil 1:3-6

II. Prioritize the important
Eph 2:10, Col 3:23-24

III. Pay attention to the deadline
Isa 55:6, Matt 24:42-44

Farmer’s Heart Week 1

Title: 10,240

Main passage: John 4:34-38

A farmers heart focuses on the harvest. Here we find 3 important practices of a Kingdom Farmer.

I. All appetites aren’t equal
John 4:34, Matt 5:6, Psa 34:8, Rom 8:22-23
II. Pay Attention to the seasons
John 4:35, Ecc 3:2, John 4:23, John 3:5
III. Enter into kingdom partnerships
John 4:36, Eph 2:10, Eph 4:16

Faith Is __ Week 4

Main passage: Eze 37:1-10Taking a look a well known passage from a different angle in which we look at 3 guidelines that help us navigate being brought out into a faith filled life. 

I. Don’t be afraid of what you seeEze 37:1-3, 2 Kings 6:15-17

II. Hear what God is sayingEze 37:4-6, 9, John 10:27, John 5:24

III. Speak what God said
Eze 37:7,10, John 12:49

Conclusion: Eze 37:11-14, Rev 1:18, John 20:21-22

Faith Is___ Week 1

In order to understand faith we must look at the definition. This passage shows us two ways to obtain that which seems unattainable. 

Main passage: Heb 11:1

I. Something to hold onto

Heb 11:1a, Heb 11:7, Rom 8:24

Climbing video:

II. Here is your proof

Heb 11:1b, 2 Tim 1:12, Rom 8:16