Farmer’s Heart Week 4

Title: Son’s Out

Main passage: John 9:4
Jesus lays out 3 important kingdom “work“ principles for us in this one powerful verse.

I. Partnership is required
John 15:4-5, Phil 1:3-6

II. Prioritize the important
Eph 2:10, Col 3:23-24

III. Pay attention to the deadline
Isa 55:6, Matt 24:42-44

Farmer’s Heart Week 1

Title: 10,240

Main passage: John 4:34-38

A farmers heart focuses on the harvest. Here we find 3 important practices of a Kingdom Farmer.

I. All appetites aren’t equal
John 4:34, Matt 5:6, Psa 34:8, Rom 8:22-23
II. Pay Attention to the seasons
John 4:35, Ecc 3:2, John 4:23, John 3:5
III. Enter into kingdom partnerships
John 4:36, Eph 2:10, Eph 4:16

Faith Is __ Week 4

Main passage: Eze 37:1-10Taking a look a well known passage from a different angle in which we look at 3 guidelines that help us navigate being brought out into a faith filled life. 

I. Don’t be afraid of what you seeEze 37:1-3, 2 Kings 6:15-17

II. Hear what God is sayingEze 37:4-6, 9, John 10:27, John 5:24

III. Speak what God said
Eze 37:7,10, John 12:49

Conclusion: Eze 37:11-14, Rev 1:18, John 20:21-22

Faith Is___ Week 1

In order to understand faith we must look at the definition. This passage shows us two ways to obtain that which seems unattainable. 

Main passage: Heb 11:1

I. Something to hold onto

Heb 11:1a, Heb 11:7, Rom 8:24

Climbing video:

II. Here is your proof

Heb 11:1b, 2 Tim 1:12, Rom 8:16

Fearless Women Week 4 – Queen Bee

Title: Queen Bee

Deborah demonstrated 4 key roles that made her valuable in battle. May the church rise up like Deborah.

Main passage: Judges 4:4-9, 5:6-7

I. Prophetess

Judges 4:4, 6-9, 1 Cor 14:1-3

II. Judge

Judges 4:5, John 7:24

III. Warrior

Judges 4:7-9, Josh 1:9

IV. Mother

Judges 5:6-7, Isa 66:13

Fearless Women Week 1 – Z Girls

The Z Girls are the Daughters of Zelophehad we will be exploring 5 ways they showed fearless faith and obtained their God given inheritance.

Main Passage: Numb 27:1-11

I. Fearless faith is united

Numb 27:1, James 1:6-8

II. Fearless faith is bold

Numb 27:2, 4b, Matt 7:7-11

III. Fearless faith is transparent

Numb 27:3, Psa 51:6

IV. Fearless faith is countercultural

Numb 27:5-11, Matt 1:5

V. Fearless faith is persistent

Numb 27:4b, Josh 17:3-4, Luke 18:1,8