Saved from Suffering Week 4

Title: Fear Not

Main passage: Isa 43:1-7

Suffering causes fear. Gods promises can be louder than our fears.

Isa 43:1

  1. Fear is optional
  2. I am redeemed
  3. I am His

Isa 43:2

  1. God is with me
  2. I won’t drown
  3. I won’t be consumed

Isa 43:3

  1. I have a savior
  2. I am chosen

Isa 43:4

  1. I am precious
  2. I am honored
  3. I am loved

Isa 44:5-6

  1. I am not alone
  2. I am part of a great nation

Isa 44:7

  1. I am called by God
  2. I am created to glorify God

Go and Make Week 4

Title: Top Ten

Taking a look at 10 reasons to disciple, other than the Great Commission.

  1. Paul taught it: 2 Tim 2:2
  2. Glorifies God: John 15:8
  3. We are visual learners: 1 Cor 11:1, Phil 3:17
  4. Keeps eternity in mind: Phil 3:18-21
  5. Accelerates maturity: 1 Cor 14:20
  6. Promotes sound doctrine: Acts 18:24-28
  7. Increases wisdom: Prov 12:15
  8. Provides accountability: Heb 3:12-13
  9. Grounds us in the word: 2 Tim 3:16
  10. Reaches the next generation: Psa 71:18,78:3-4

Go and Make Week 4

Title: The Recipe

Jesus made it clear that he wants us to make disciples and he gives us the recipe in the gospels.

1. Observation: john 1:35-39, john 1:43-46
2. Decision: Matt 4:18-22, Luke 14:25-27,33
3. Internship: Mark 3:14-15, Luke 10:20
4. Partnership: John 15:7-8,15-16, Matt 28:18-20

Go and Make Week 1

Title: “ All In “


Disciple in the Greek= Mathaytes: means a learner, pupil, disciple- one who follows ones teaching

Opening verses: Matt 28:19-20, Luke 6:40

We will be looking at some defining marks of a disciple of Jesus Christ.

1. Character: John 13:33-34, 1 Cor 15:33
2. Conviction: John 14:15-16, Matt 7:13-14
3. Commitment: Luke 14:25-27,33, Gal 6:9
4. Contributes: John 15:8, Luke 10:2

Closing: (If you can show these one at a time. show the believer line first than add the disciple line 2nd and so on. also you don’t have to include the numbers I only put them so that we do miss any)

1. Believer: believes in God
    Disciple: lives for God
2. Believer: fits in the world
    Disciple: stands out
3. Believer: gives up when things get hard
    Disciple: carries their cross daily
4. Believer: picks and chooses what part of Jesus teachings to follow
    Disciple: works on all areas with the help of the Holy Spirit
5. Believer: casual faith
    Disciple: committed faith
6. Believer: wants an easy life
    Disciple: lays down their life
7. Believer: loves to receive
    Disciple: loves to serve
8. Believer: comfortable
    Disciple: ready for a challenge
9. Believer: believes faith is personal
    Disciple: makes more disciples
10. Believer: knows what God wants them to do but holds back
      Disciple: IS ALL IN!

Money Matters Week 4

Title: How Much Is Enough

Opening clip: (play to 1:10)

Opening verse: Prov 27:20

Paul lays out 3 key strategies needed to getting to a place of contentment.

Main passage: Phil 4:11-13

  1. Choose between wants and needs
    Phil 4:11, Phil 4:19
  2. Ride the financial roller coaster
    Phil 4:12, Psa 37:25
  3. Jesus is enough
    Phil 4:13, Gen 15:1, Psa 37:4, Isa 55:2

Money Matters Week 2

Title: Make or Break

Intro: Please play till 3:04

Main passage: Luke 16:8-13

This is one of the most interesting parables Jesus uses to teach us some very important lessons on stewardship.

  1. People are the best investment
    Luke 16:8-9, Prov 11:25
  2. Be faithful small ways
    Like 16:10-11, Matt 25:21
  3. Take care of what doesn’t belong to you
    Luke 16:12, Psa 24:1
  4. Dont let money rule you
    Luke 16:13, Luke 12:28-31

Money Matters Week 1

Opener: How we handle our money matters.
Luke 16:11

Intro: Psalms 37:21, Rom 13:8

We’ll look at nine tips to getting our heads above water financially.

  1. Pray about it
    Phil 4:6, 1 John 5:14
  2. Develop a debt free mindset
    Rom 12:2a
  3. List your debts according to priority
  4. Don’t go deeper
    Prov 22:7
  5. List your belongings
    Prov 27:23
  6. Establish a spending plan
    Prov 21:20
  7. Consider adding additional income
    Prov 31:16-17, 24
  8. Consider a radical change of lifestyle
    I Tim 6:6-7
  9. Don’t give up
    Gal 6:9

Five Fold Week 4

10 Things your pastor won’t tell you: Vanderbloemen: Tim Stevens

1. Sunday is not the only day I work
2. I’m on call 24/7
3. Marrying and burying people takes an emotional toll on me
4. Being a pastor can be a lonely position
5. I am often judged and criticized
6. It’s hard to hear constant criticism and varying opinions
7. I struggle with being a workaholic
8. Sometimes I want to talk about something besides church
9. It is challenging for me to keep my identity solely rooted in God and not in the success of the church
10. I don’t have all the answers

Let’s take a closer look at 3 key shepherding functions that are needed today

Main passage: John 21:15-19

Poimaino: tend as a shepherd, feed, rule. (Show definition after I read the main passage)

I. Caregiver
John 21:15, John 17:6-8
II. Peacemaker
John 21:16, Matt 5:9, John 17:20-21,
III. Relational
John 21:17, John 17:9-10

Here are the questions for the end you can put the characteristics first and than the questions

Shepherding Survey

Shepherding Characteristics:

People oriented, Relational, Peacemaker, Unifier, Soul-healer, Caregiver, Nurturing, Protector, Reconciler, Tenderhearted, Helper

  1. Choose 2-3 of the characteristics above that best define you and why.
  2. Can you think situation where you were able to bring peace in a difficult situation, what did that look like?
  3. Why are Shepherding gifts needed in the body of Christ?
  4. Can you think/describe a time when someone demonstrated shepherding gifts in a way that impacted you positively?
  5. Can you think of some ways we can improve caring for each other at GLCC?